The cloud, a great enabler for the evolution of your company

Implemeting and strategically adopting a cloud infrastructure is key to
business growth today. At Wigilabs we accompany you in the process of
designing and implementing the solution adapted to the needs and objetives
of your company

Fast Operative cloud

Let your operation have aprubbing continuous
and efficient through the diagnosis and strategic design of your cloud infrastructure

Fast Optimized cloud

Analyze with our team where the opportunities
are in your infrastructure to make your investment profitable.

New Business cloud

Generate a new model operating in the Cloud and make your company move quickly in the model of transformation and digital evolution



  • Migration: We do the synchronized migration process of oyur
    platforms so that you do not waste time or money
  • Full Migration:  We move all the data at the same time, putting
    everything -and all- to work in the cloud.
  • Combined Migración : If you have multiple servers and sites Cloud,
    you can choose to consolidate data in Cloud applications.
  • Phase migration or permanent hybridization: We can manage some
    applications and data in the first instance or permanently, and thus
    migrate some applications to the cloud in phases.


We have a group of experts to carry out a detailed analysis in the design of the infrastructure according to your sector or industry, and a deep understanding of the factors in your business model.

  • Consultoría para la adopción de first Cloud.
  • Consultoría e implementación de AWS.
  • Consultoría de soluciones Software as a Service.
  • Acompañamiento a la implementación de
    procesos de Cloud Computing.
  • Taller de identificación y diagnóstico para su
  • Asesoría para el sector financiero, manufacturero,
    salud, para adoptar servicios en la nube.
  • Mapa de nube y opciones nube multicloud.
  • Blue Print – Análisis de servicios en la Nube.
  • Consultoría de Seguridad de la información en la


Focus with peace of mind in your business and we manage your cloud architecture.

Cloud optimization

We help you maximize the investment of your infrastructure in the Cloud


We provide strategies for deployment and adoption in a continuous flow of valor.

Cloud Backup

Protect your information and
keep it safe.

Factory Software

Make the most of your cloud and
develop solutions such as Saas Iaas
or Paas under a
deployment agile and
continuous with our f

Analytics in Cloud

Make your data profitable by finding
insights for your business

Get data on the performance
of your teams 

Analyze metrics and establish key
KPIs in your Cloud strategy

Cloud Security

We advise you on the implementation
of security policies and important
parameters to maintain
sor secure

Why Advance Cloud Services

  • Optimization of resources and microservices.
  • Modernize your infrastructure and take your data with you.
  • Reduce costs by finance areas to better see and read the use and performance
    of each machine.
  • Get scalability of your application and infrastructure
  • Get reliable, responsive 24/7 support.
  • Our service includes infrastructure monitoring to always maintain optimal performance.
  • Free up your development team and take advantage of its capabilities.

Let's talk about your
Digital Path

Our engineering, sales and project design
cracks will give you the necessary advice
to get started. 

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